Who’s taking care of who?

January 26th, 2022

Who’s taking care of who?

Who’s taking care of you?


90% of the time you think from, take decisions from and experience (lack of) emotions from… your inner child.


Our inner children are exhausted to take care of us. They are trying to tell us this by…

– feeling tired / no energy / burn-out

– blaming others / not looking for solutions

– feeling guilty / not looking for solutions

– feeling sad / not looking for solutions

– looking for distractions / not feeling the above

– mid-life crisis

– getting sick

– avoiding making decisions


And you know what?

You can’t blame yourself for doing that, if you were not aware of it.



If you experienced some curiosity or excitement by reading this post, you might have unlocked a door to explore new possibilities.


And remember that…

We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for what we we had to learn in order to take care of ourselves as a child.

We are RESPONSIBLE for acknowledging and transforming it to get step-by-step closer to our adult.